The Intensity of Prada Marfa

It is a literal mirage. 

Lets discuss that building in Texas, that looks like a Prada store but everything inside is over ten years old and you can't go inside. I had never really looked into the backstory of this public installation, just glanced at it thinking it was a somewhat interesting concept, something that was regularly used as an Instagram backdrop - but the layers to this sculpture are fantastic.

The location of this building is the overreaching theme, it is in the middle of nowhere - miles and miles from the nearest town, with very spotty cell reception and nothing but tumbleweeds surrounding it. A mirage is something that is illusory, without substance or reality. This is that. People looking for a new lease on life, searching for better opportunities that don't have the opportunity to enter the United States legally, cross the border and have no option but to travel along this dessert plane. There is nothing in sight for sixty miles, it is unbearably hot and dry and dangerous, crawling with border control. Then something appears in the distance, something that isn't sand or dirt - this building, it is appealing and offers the possibility of water, food, momentary rest. It glimmers with opportunity and hope.

When they finally reach this building with the expectation of something, anything as a respite - it is a not even a building - it is a 15" by 25" box displaying overpriced designer handbags and shoes - cruelly exemplifying the gaudiness of consumerism, wealth and excess. There is nothing for sale, nothing to buy in this store - yet buying and selling is what the sculpture is all about, responding to the relevance of the fashion world and the current climate of a consumerist society that today is still perfectly relevant. This sly commentary driven representational public installation by Elmgreen & Dragset is sick and brilliant.

 I haven't visited this area in Texas - so here is photo from an article on Dazed.

I haven't visited this area in Texas - so here is photo from an article on Dazed.

Passionfruit Pie

There is a pie out there made of passionfruit and meringue. A meringue that is perfectly caramelized accompanying a filling that is simultaneously too sweet and not sweet enough, which I have heard is the marker of great culinary proportions - since you don't want to forgot about the sweetness but instead have the flavor balance be ever-present and savored. It beats any pie I have had at Bang Bang which specifically specializes in baking pies. It's in the West Loop at the Little Goat; and I have taken this pie out of the diner; eaten it at a booth; at the counter in the bakery; alongside an entire meal and on multiple occasions brought company from out of town to taste it. At six or so dollars a slice I'm still impressed, I'd probably be impressed if it were twelve. The problem here is that it is a seasonal pie and I want to devour it during every season, yes I understand it probably wouldn't be as fantastic with less ripe fruit, but I'd take my chances. They haven't baked this passionfruit pie during what has thus far been 2016, nor at the tail end of 2015 and this a terrible upset. I have no picture as I can't be bothered to concentrate on anything else when eating it, maybe this winter I will, but thats doubtful.

Kimchi Udon Pasta

There is a restaurant in Chicago called Mott St. where they intend customers to order many small plates and share. They have a carefully curated menu and the items are served in a specific order. I however do not heed this advice. The service is always superb. I sit down and order only one dish. I will never need more than this mentaiko kimchi udon. This dish contains udon noodles which besides elbows are my favorite, the noodles are in a sauce of marinated cod roe, kimchi and cream. A delicate garnish of bonito flakes waiver on top of the dish, bringing an aspect of movement to the shallow bowl as it hits the heat. As with the service, the kitchen is always consistant. I have sat inside many times and recently sat out under the lanterns and found both spots equally cozy.  If you are ever in Chicago it is a must and if you live here and haven't been go try this dish asap! It is a very short walk from the Division blue line stop.

Outside seating area at Mott St.


I was a bit too excited and couldn't manage to hold still for this photo.

Draft Latte tomorrow?

I had a lot of expectations, I had hyped this drink up a ton in my head. Thirsting for it ever since I heard it was in the works. Amazingly, this met my expectations, unlike the butter coffee I tried last winter which I couldn't even stomach. The first time I went to the shop on Damen they had completly sold out of the draft for the day. My disappointment was palpable. Learning from that, I stopped by La Colombe a little earlier in the day and for a flat $3.75 got the smoothest iced latte I have ever tried and believe me I have tried a ton. I have visited nearly every coffee shop in Chicago and when I travel I tend to tour local cafes, refusing to get Starbucks since I can always get that when I'm back home. I savored each sip, wanting it to last as long as possible. It tasted like a liquified scoop of coffee ice cream without all the sugar. I have never been annoyed by the consistency of the coffee I was drinking, but after experiencing this silky caffiene I realize what I have been missing. It was as if the guy behind the counter had painstakingly whisked the coffee into a foam like consistency and then poured it over ice, yet the speed with which I received my order made that option implausible. I will be going back to La Colombe on the way to work tomorrow, as I must try the black and tan iced latte on draft. 

 It was gone too soon.

It was gone too soon.


Lipgloss as an everyday?

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in hypnotist is making me do a 360 when it comes to glossy lip products. I've worn lipgloss in the past, don't get me wrong, LipSmacker lipgloss tasted great and was all the rage in elementary school, until suddenly it wasn't. I have not worn or contemplated anything that wasn't matte since fourth grade, even semi-gloss was too shiny for my liking. I saw this gem amongst a BareMinerals product display stand and was intrigued by the packaging - it hit the sweet spot of having just the right amount of pizzazz without being too bulky; I wouldn't have to leave it on my dresser as decoration and would be able to easily toss it in my makeup bag for touchups without being boring. I've seen high-shine products gradually coming back into the mainstream and thought I'd give this reflective light pink, almost holographic tube a chance -the power of media suggestion. I was not disappointed and believe me thats rare. I looked online after realizing how genuinely excited I was by this product and saw quite a few complaints about the lipgloss leaking, I've been closing the tube tightly and luckily haven't had any such issue. Sticky things are fickle and if the seal wasn't tightly threaded I could see how it could be an utter disaster, but it does smell like those white tic-tacs so I guess that could be an upside. This product enhances the color of my lips, it isn't perfectly clear but it isn't light pink, it hovers solidly between. It blends right onto my lips and actually seems to reflect light. I have been using this as a daily product which I haven't done since hit-clips were a thing. It can be applied atop a lipstick or lipliner to add a little extra for a formal event or simply swiped onto bare lips to add a punch to casual everyday attire.