Kimchi Udon Pasta

There is a restaurant in Chicago called Mott St. where they intend customers to order many small plates and share. They have a carefully curated menu and the items are served in a specific order. I however do not heed this advice. The service is always superb. I sit down and order only one dish. I will never need more than this mentaiko kimchi udon. This dish contains udon noodles which besides elbows are my favorite, the noodles are in a sauce of marinated cod roe, kimchi and cream. A delicate garnish of bonito flakes waiver on top of the dish, bringing an aspect of movement to the shallow bowl as it hits the heat. As with the service, the kitchen is always consistant. I have sat inside many times and recently sat out under the lanterns and found both spots equally cozy.  If you are ever in Chicago it is a must and if you live here and haven't been go try this dish asap! It is a very short walk from the Division blue line stop.

Outside seating area at Mott St.


I was a bit too excited and couldn't manage to hold still for this photo.