Lipgloss as an everyday?

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in hypnotist is making me do a 360 when it comes to glossy lip products. I've worn lipgloss in the past, don't get me wrong, LipSmacker lipgloss tasted great and was all the rage in elementary school, until suddenly it wasn't. I have not worn or contemplated anything that wasn't matte since fourth grade, even semi-gloss was too shiny for my liking. I saw this gem amongst a BareMinerals product display stand and was intrigued by the packaging - it hit the sweet spot of having just the right amount of pizzazz without being too bulky; I wouldn't have to leave it on my dresser as decoration and would be able to easily toss it in my makeup bag for touchups without being boring. I've seen high-shine products gradually coming back into the mainstream and thought I'd give this reflective light pink, almost holographic tube a chance -the power of media suggestion. I was not disappointed and believe me thats rare. I looked online after realizing how genuinely excited I was by this product and saw quite a few complaints about the lipgloss leaking, I've been closing the tube tightly and luckily haven't had any such issue. Sticky things are fickle and if the seal wasn't tightly threaded I could see how it could be an utter disaster, but it does smell like those white tic-tacs so I guess that could be an upside. This product enhances the color of my lips, it isn't perfectly clear but it isn't light pink, it hovers solidly between. It blends right onto my lips and actually seems to reflect light. I have been using this as a daily product which I haven't done since hit-clips were a thing. It can be applied atop a lipstick or lipliner to add a little extra for a formal event or simply swiped onto bare lips to add a punch to casual everyday attire.