Passionfruit Pie

There is a pie out there made of passionfruit and meringue. A meringue that is perfectly caramelized accompanying a filling that is simultaneously too sweet and not sweet enough, which I have heard is the marker of great culinary proportions - since you don't want to forgot about the sweetness but instead have the flavor balance be ever-present and savored. It beats any pie I have had at Bang Bang which specifically specializes in baking pies. It's in the West Loop at the Little Goat; and I have taken this pie out of the diner; eaten it at a booth; at the counter in the bakery; alongside an entire meal and on multiple occasions brought company from out of town to taste it. At six or so dollars a slice I'm still impressed, I'd probably be impressed if it were twelve. The problem here is that it is a seasonal pie and I want to devour it during every season, yes I understand it probably wouldn't be as fantastic with less ripe fruit, but I'd take my chances. They haven't baked this passionfruit pie during what has thus far been 2016, nor at the tail end of 2015 and this a terrible upset. I have no picture as I can't be bothered to concentrate on anything else when eating it, maybe this winter I will, but thats doubtful.