Performance / Installation - 2016.

The capacities in which Plastics can be utilized is rapidly expanding. Recently plastic has replaced many traditional materials due to its cost effectiveness, light-weight, resilience to moisture and its inability to corrode.

There is no need to water these plants, the plastic won’t wilt, they plants will last forever, they require no attention, but they are no longer living, natural, growing or filtering oxygen, and possibly coated in a toxic protective coating which is protecting the plastic plant from exactly what would sustain a real plant.

In the process of attempting to make things easier, lessen effort, and improve upon something - things are lost.  The semblance of the object and its original purpose fade to the background.

I dug holes in the ground, placed man-made, mass produced, plastic masquerading as plants into those holes, added fertilizer and watered. They will remain in the forest and interact with the living elements of nature. Completing the task of gardening as if these synthetic objects were living plants. I played pretend with an uncanny image of nature.  Going through the motions of gardening even though it was nonsensical as I was neither sustaining or creating plant life. Having zero responsibility afterwards – there no need to return or check up on the viability of the plants. I am failing to imitate the sense of physical connection to the earth and nurturing satisfaction from the process of gardening. There is zero return on the effort invested; I won’t be reaping the benefits of the regenerative cycle of nature.